About Us

Vertex Studio is a 3d architectural visualisation studio based in south delhi. We produce photorealistic property marketing images for architects and developers, to visualise and help sell property before it's built. We work with a range of clients, from architects, interior designers, graphic designers and property developers, for both internal and external visualisation services. We offer a variety of 3d
visuals – from concept images and high quality photorealistic photo montage views, to fully computer generated images.

Whether you are an architect trying to communicate your design to your client, or want use our services as a design tool to visualise and decide final materials and finishes, we can help. For property developers keen to publicise your development before it’s built, or even sell off plan, Vertex Studio will create photorealistic views to market your scheme before construction. We pride ourselves in working with you to create architectural visualisations to be proud of. Coming from an architectural background helps Vertex Studio communicate and understand your needs. We would welcome a chat with you when preparing your next project.